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The New Roof Buyer's Guide

Causes of Roof Problems

Design and Installation Problems

Issues with roof design are significant and can be expensive to fix. If they are not addressed during roof repair or replacement, the problems experienced with the roof are likely to continue. Problematic design issues can have the following consequences: cracks in the roof membrane; ponding water (as a result of roof sagging, inappropriate roof slope and/or not enough drains); membrane splits, etc.


Weather is one of the biggest culprits of roofing problems. Hail is particularly damaging, though rain, snow and sleet can all take their toll. Wind is also damaging and can transport debris which can also obviously harm a roof's structural soundness. The amount of damage is also determined by the type of roofing materials used and the severity of the weather conditions.

Air Quality

Air quality can also impact a roof's longevity. Long-term exposure to pollution and/or salt air (living near the ocean) can affect the roof's integrity as well. Flashing problems account for a number of roof problems because they are such a vulnerable part of a roof. The purpose of flashings is to create a waterproof meeting point between roofing materials, sections and projections. When this function becomes compromised, problems can result.


Flashing problems are generally due to poor design and/or construction. Regular inspections can minimize the potential for flashing problems. Sometimes, such as in the instance of roof leaks, flashing is not at fault. Rather, leaks may be due to open joints in a masonry wall or coping cap. Certain types of flashings can address this problem.

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