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The New Roof Buyer's Guide

The Finished Product

The Result

After about seven days, the new roof was completed and it looked fantastic! We were pleased to see the color and style we'd chosen complemented our new house really well. It was a huge change from the old roof and really spruced up the entire exterior appearance of the house. We did notice, however, that the termite damaged eaves that were replaced during installation required painting to match the rest of the house – obviously not the responsibility of the roofing contractor, but another chore for us to manage.

The Bill

A couple of weeks after the job was complete, we received the roofing contractor's bill. It was about $3,000 more than he had originally quoted, due to the additional labor and materials for the wood replacement. We were pretty shocked by this amount, especially since we were given no indication during the job of how much additional money the added work would cost. Ultimately, we were able to come to an agreement about the final bill. We did realize the contractor had incurred additional expense, and he recognized that he had failed to inform us of the specific amount of those expenses. In the end, we split the difference of the additional charges and everyone was ultimately satisfied.


Most Common Roofing Problems

Most problems with roofs will be after the first few years the roof is installed. Here are some of the things to watch out for after the installation of your new roof:

  1. Leaking: this can occur when the roof is improperly installed
  2. Decreased wind resistance: this can result in a roof "billowing" or even blowing off
  3. Poor installation techniques


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