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The New Roof Buyer's Guide

Roof Replacement Checklist

  • Get at least three written estimates from licensed contractors.

  • Show the contractor photos or actual homes with roofs you like.

  • Ask to keep samples of roof shingles so you can live with them a little while.

  • Consider a longer warranty if your budget allows it.

  • Ask for something in writing on how the contractor will deal with any underlying rotted wood, or other problems that may crop up, and how this additional work will be charged.

  • Get references and check them out.

  • Inform immediate neighbors of the approximate work hours and estimated job duration – give them your phone number to call if any problems.

  • Be present for the work or check on the work once or twice a day.

  • Inform the contractor if you have problems with workers bringing dogs, playing music, smoking and/or using your bathroom.

  • If they're doing a good job, bring the workers lunch/beverages.

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Buyer's Guide Contents
How Roofs Work
Causes of Roof Problems
Composite and Tile Roofs
Metal Roofs
Roof Price Comparison
Roofing Estimates
Roof Shopping Tips
Our New Roof Installation
The Finished Product
Roof Replacement Checklist
Do-it-Yourself Roof Repairs

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