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The New Roof Buyer's Guide

The Ups and Downs of Roof Replacement...Our Story

Buying a New Roof

My family and I relocated to a new area and, after months of searching, found the perfect house to buy. It needed a fair amount of cosmetic work (carpet, paint, etc.), but structurally seemed in good shape and was a great fit for our family.


We made an offer on the house and had a professional home inspection. The biggest problem that turned up was that the roof needed to be replaced. This was a shock to us, since the roof looked fine from the outside and we knew it was going to be a major expense.

Composite Roof
The right roof can beautify your home and provide decades of service.

The homeinspector informed us that the current roof had been manufactured by a company that, twenty years ago, used the latest in roofing technology. Unfortunately, the roof materials turned out to be flawed and the company ended up going out of business as the target of multiple lawsuits. The inspector showed us one of the roof shingles that literally crumbled in our hands. The numerous water stains on the ceiling were also an indicator of the roof leaking over many years. It was definitely time for a new roof.


In this guide to buying a new roof, we share are experiences and the knowledge we have acquired in the process. We will take a look at the various types of roofs such as metal roofs, tile roofs and wood shake shingles. We'll also share tips on getting estimates and finding the best roofing contractor. We hope this site will help you find a great roof at a great price that will proved many years of dependable service.


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Buyer's Guide Contents
How Roofs Work
Causes of Roof Problems
Composite and Tile Roofs
Metal Roofs
Roof Price Comparison
Roofing Estimates
Roof Shopping Tips
Our New Roof Installation
The Finished Product
Roof Replacement Checklist
Do-it-Yourself Roof Repairs

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